Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My heart has felt a heavy blow.
The weight of the world crashes down.
Color bleeds from the sky.
Darkness fills the empty space.
Time moves on.
Pain overwhelms and destroys peace.
Wake up, sleeping one.
Do you not see the beauty in your eyes?
There is freedom.
Break away the chains that hold you back.
The future remains a mystery.
Do not be afraid.
You are not alone.
We do not have to feel HIM to know that He is there.
This path is hard.
The way is narrow.
The path hardly traveled.
Blaze! Blaze a new trail!
Through the thicket!
Take my hand, we'll run together.
Into the arms of freedom.
The heartache will cease.
We will laugh once again.
Our love will shine like the dew shines when caught in a web illuminated by the sun.
Our love will sing.
Our love will dance.
Our love will warm the cold winter.
Our love will cool the hot summer.
Our love will last through the ages.
Our love will hold hands when our bodies start to fail.
Our love will never die, even when we are gone.
The glorious one hath made divine love.
His love is the example and the goal.
If only we could truly love like HIM.