Saturday, April 10, 2010

Procrastination Station

I almost feel as if time has played a trick on me.
It has slipped through my fingers into the expanse of sands below.
Where has my life gone?
Speeding so quickly toward the month of May.
This month is almost gone and my mind is slightly freaking out.
Procrastination has played it's evil game.
I am afraid that I might lose this battle.
I pray I'll win the war.
Compressed every part of me wriggles with anxiety.
Stretching, pulling, never quite causing a tear.
What is this complacency that has overtaken this cavity?
Feelings, emotions, opinions, ideals, lies, truths, reality, and fantasy.
Where do dreams fade into realities?
Not before circumstance that confines the mind and clouds judgement.
Not before the heart is weighed down in heavy sorrow.
Not before the mind is challenged and the will mocked.
Not before trials that break the very creature that you are.
Should we feed off of insecurities and desolation to feel like we're alive?
Dreams do not fade into realities.
Dreams can only stay dreams or become your reality.
There is no fading.
Dreams cannot become your reality until you have worked for them to become your reality.
You will suffer.
It will be hard.
At times you will feel like there's no end to the misery.
Failure is not an option, but it seems to haunt and seek you around every corner.
Success is not measured in all that you do, but in the power of overcoming.
Dreams will stay dreams unless the will of God is at hand.
Follow the Shepherd.
Don't be afraid to destroyed for Christ.
We are His workmanship, created for His glory.
Honor it.
I must honor Him.
In everything.