Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am with you

Do not hide what's inside.
Fear is the beginning of a path you must not travel.
Truth will always find you out.
There is nowhere to hide.
Open up.

Free the life in you.
Let it truly live.
Feel the breeze as it caresses your fingertips.
Suddenly you don't feel so alone.

He is right here with you.
For so long your heart has longed for His embrace.
Your eyes for His beauty.
Your ears for His affirmation.
Your hand to be held by His.

It seems that time has past so quickly.
All this time you've been dreaming.
Filled with intrusive thoughts that interrupted the rhythmic movements of your mind.
All these questions suddenly answered.

Part of you wants to hold yourself back from this liberation of your soul.
The alluring beckoning of a common life surrendered to familiarity, becomes overwhelmingly severe.
Change is a funny complexity that entangles your thoughts with your emotions.

In the midst of all your struggle, in a still small voice.
He whispers, "Do not fear."
You suddenly feel unwavering fortitude against your fears.
The pull to take you away from His arms is so great.

But His love for you surpasses all understanding.
And His glory is beyond all comprehension.

Easily you feel alone and forgotten.
Stranded on an island of change surrounded by lives that are busy.
Fighting loneliness.
You reach out your hands to the sky.
He's reaching back.

"Fear not, I am with you."