Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a fine kettle of fish....

If I were a tall glass of water, it would be easy for him to drink me down, without challenge.

Oh, but I am more comparative to a hot tea.

Full of flavor, hard to consume at first, but with time and patience, I am quite enjoyable and I go down more refreshing than a simple sip of plain water.

Added spice and delight that will keep you... warm through the night.

So why doesn't he just let me steep, just a bit more?

In good time the kettle will whistle, reminding us of the time spent waiting.

Then we will know that the water is ready.

Like the leaves of tea, I swim around gracefully, bewitching you as you stare.

You lower your face to gently breathe in the aroma.

How is it that you feel so alive?

Am I more of a delight than you expected?

And you thought you could change my flavor by adding more sugar.

You'll find that I am much more enjoyable just the way I am.

I'll never change for you.

Awe, yes, I am stubborn.

Almost as black as the mug you hold so tightly.

I am unfamiliar, a bit terrifying, but you'll find that I'm adventure.

Take a sip.

Let it warm you all the way down.

You'll never understand what it is that makes you want more.

Strong flavor, makes you second guess your love for this herbal blend.

But still, you take another sip, smooth.

Not so hard to drink after time slips by, dancing in rhythm with patience.

All my thoughts pour out with every sip.

What a wonder it all is.

Am I really too much?

Leaves float at the top of my pool of flavored chemicals.

They must have escaped from their underwater chamber.

I don't mind, they keep me busy, trying to keep them in their place.

Tea is everything but simple.

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