Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have no understanding of simple things anymore.
No longer familiar, I find the interwoven tapestry of my mind is frayed.
This foreign being has infiltrated everything I used for comfort.
It was so simple.
But now, now it's so full of doubt and second guesses.
The most frightening places are now mundane.
Nothing is real anymore.
Nothing is fake.
Nothing has sensibility.
My mind on the ceiling.
My heart on the floor.
Time is running out.
Everything seems so uneven and unpredictable.
Vulnerability is scary.
I can't hold myself back, I just might miss the one thing that I need.
I could let myself open up a little more.
Test the waters.
Your imperfection is fabulous and you make me insane.
I want to hate you for it.
Things were easier without you.
But so much more has been added because of you.
Infecting me with your presence.
I might be lost in your eyes, but not in the least bit scared.
I feel right with you.
But, I still don't know.

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