Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arrogant Sky

Hollow bodies.
Are we nothing more than empty words?
Do this, do that.
I'll pencil you in.
What ever happened to that cup of sugar?
Why don't you just get off my lawn?!
We have the hardest time looking through our windows.
Sometimes there's more than just the dust on the window's ledge.
Imperfection is never acceptable.
The world upside down, seems more like the right way.
A facade of plastic skin.
The sickness meddles it's way through my veins.
What's really important?
I'm nothing but a fleeting organism.
A collection of molecular genius.
I so easily indulge in the fleeting aspects of my humanity.
What a word!
Not everything is about romance.
We are capable of loving the least of these.
This world is swirling with doubts and uncertainty.
We bear the fangs of a blood sucking society.
Mixed in with our own righteousness.
Neither hot, nor cold?
Might as well change our characters everyday since life is such a drama.
We've lost our sense of motion.
Sandpaper on the skin of innocence.
Let's all just swim on.

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