Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shallow Water

Today was a very nice day.
I woke up fairly early, spent the morning with my mother, then went into town to buy a few things.
Picked up my friend Ebby on the way and spent time with her.
Over all today was great.
But a lot things about today really made me think about life in a way I have been sort of leaning towards a lot in the past month.
Just thoughts about WHY us humans get so caught up in emotions.
Why do we have this UNDYING need to be loved?
To be needed, to be wanted, to have purpose?
What is it that drives us to pursue such things?
Why is that in America, as a country we just suck and consume everything in our paths?
But in a country that is more poor, the people are content with what they have?
They have so little compared to us, and yet they're happy?
A lot of people who have a lot are still unhappy, they have voids in their hearts that seem to be permanently empty.
While the person who has little material things has happiness and is content?
Most of the time, all that the "poor" person has is family and sometimes friends.
That should be enough.
But consumer happy people fill voids with material things.
Not relationships.
Money isn't everything.
But there is one thing that both need more than anything, Jesus Christ.
Whether you like that or not, it's the truth.
Rich or poor, family or no family, good life or hard life, Jesus is the filler of that HUGE void.
The healer of wounds and giver of life.
I see so many people just so caught up in what's cool, what's hip, what's fresh, etc...
Or they are always up on the gossip, and know everything about everybody.
Where does that get you?
When all you talk about and think about are material things, and what so and so said, and what so and so did, there's no room for you to live.
To be truly alive.
To open up and express REAL feelings, REAL thoughts, REAL personality, and REAL struggles.
Does it not bother you to be so fake?
Open up your heart and let the savior in.
Start living.

Don't be a wading pool.

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