Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sometimes in this life of mine, reality paints portraits of perfection.
But my fleeting mind runs a muck and implies lines of skewed complexion.
Tears fade from my eyes as the color of my fears take flight.
Sorrow has no place in my heart, for years of waisted bitterness and emotions that proved ill-equipped to satisfy the grumblings of my spirit.
The depths of my soul cry out for the Almighty.
Nothing compares to the Spirit of the Lord.
The peace that I embody seemed so far away.
But now, it freely remains without downcast shadow.
Nor is it hindered by the ever suppressed expressions of my offenses.
No longer do the utterances of insolent words torment me.
My heart sings of the sweet melodies from the loving voice of my King.
The cares of loneliness and the need for physical warmth no longer have hold on my spirit.
For now the peace is overwhelming.
I stand in awe of You.
You free me from my iniquities.
Your strength empowers me in all my weakness.
My life is challenged and stretched by you.
I fail time and time again.
But your grace is sufficient for me.
If life could simply reflect the artistry of all that you are, then why have I ever doubted?
Your hands formed me in the womb of my mother.
Perfectly knit together in the carefully formed aperture of a woman.
How could I forget the greatness in all that you are?
A true picture of refinement.
When my being grew from a small child into a young lady, there were so many mistakes.
So much heart ache and much shame.
My heart knew no solace and it churned in silent misery.
My young heart could only take so much until it yearned for death.
It was there in the dark depravity of my malicious heart, You picked me up.
It was then when I realized how foolish I had been.
When I realized how much I needed you, how much you loved me.
Jesus you healed my wounds.
You ripped me from my complacency and formed a new creature.
Eternally your refined delight.
You have my heart.

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